other interest

TravellingI love to travel. Every 18 months or so I make it to Europe and I'm hoping to make it to the far east sooner or later. My favorite memory: having an unguided tour through Westminster Palace and standing on the floor of the House of Commons.

Photography When travelling, I take an insane amount of pictures, especially of buildings and people. Take a look for yourself. I'm currently taking pictures of the new Minnesota Twins stadium under construction.


RadioI am a volunteer and substitute DJ for KFAI, Fresh Air Radio. I also was a DJ in college and at a professional station, WMT-FM in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

AF Track Maintenance CarMy grandfather got me into American Flyer trains - I was playing with them before I even went to school! He gave me his collection and I've been expanding it ever since. I even have a
web page for them.