technical experience


Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, MS Windows 3.x, MS-DOS, Unix (Sun, Sequence, HP), Digital VMS, Novell Netware, OS/2, Prime Primos, HP MPE, HP MPE/XL, Apple Multifinder, DesqView


C/C++, Java, XML, SQL, Unix C-Shell, VMS DCL, Info/Basic, PL1, Pascal, Fortran, Smalltalk, Prolog

Database Platforms

Oracle 8/8i, Oracle Server 7.x, SQLServer 6/7, Access, Watcom/SQLAnywhere, CodeBase, SQLBase, RDB, Prime Information, Btrieve, XQL

Software Packages and Technologies

Microsoft Development Tools

Visual C++, Visual Interdev, Visual J++, Microsoft Transaction Server, COM/DCOM, ATL, ADO, MFC, SourceSafe, SQLServer, FrontPage 97

Rational Software

Rational Rose, Purify


Pro*C, OCI, SQL*Net 2.x, SQL*Plus, SQL*Forms

Compiler Tools

lex, yacc, flex, bison


Kermit, WRQ Reflections, ProComm, CrossTalk, Attachmate

Email Packages

MS Outlook, GroupWise, All-In-1, OpenMail, HP DeskManager


ERWin, S-Designer, Object OMT, System Architect, CaseWise, PowerBuilder, Vermont Views, ATF Automated Testing Tool, Forest and Trees, SQL*Windows, Uniface, PVCS, PVCS Tracker