what have i done?

Intercim, Application Architect (consultant)

Designed and implemented application architecture used in browser-base application.  Thin-client applications communicate with application business objects through XML passed to web server.  Transport mechanism and data containment hidden from client and business objects, allowing for flexibility (such as stand-alone demos, encryption, and non-XML solutions).  Designed and implemented application business objects.

Spirent Systems, Minneapolis , Software Engineer (consultant)

Assisted with database port of application used by overnight package courier in their airplanes.  Designed initial solution to minimize impact on existing code while moving towards new database platform (Oracle).  Modified main monitoring application to use ODBC rather than DAO, removing dependency on Jet Database Engine and improving performance.  Mentored employees on Oracle usage and issues

Netradio.com , Senior Architect and Developer (consultant)

Managed, maintained, and supported 24x7 e-commerce site which sells CDs. Managed outside software resources used for both commerce and content sites. Architected various modifications to infrastructure for improved reliability and scalability. Implemented development and promotion standards. Business Process Analyst on web site redesign. Created source-independent data model, allowing new web site to present information in ways more beneficial to the visitor.

Trisense Software, Ltd., Senior Software Engineer (consultant)

Designed and developed middle layer for data access and created appropriate adapters to minimize changes to existing applications. Designed and reimplemented job scheduler for billers' application. Recommended C++ standards to reduce maintainance costs and increase reuse.

Residential Funding Corporation, Object Architect and Developer (employee)

Designed and developed application to calculate price at which RFC should purchase mortgages which are then securitized. Data-driven and rules-based application allow users to easily modify behavior based on business conditions with no code changes. Steps include determining mortgage qualification, calculating base price, and modifying price for adjustment. Rules based on C-language syntax, using Unix compiler utilities lex and yacc. Faster, more efficient, and more correct than previous third-party application, RFC was able to increase profit and decrease risk.

Residential Funding Corporation, Object Architect and Component Developer (employee)

Designed and developed business-independent rules engine, taking application-defined values and business-defined rules and evaluating. Originally part of the RFC mortgage pricing application, engine is distributed component for use in numerous RFC business areas, including Acquisitions, Trading, and Negotiated Transactions. Rules based on C-language syntax, using Unix compiler utilities lex and yacc.

Residential Funding Corporation, Data Architect and Database Administrator (consultant and employee)

For projects involving business re-engineering for client-server technology, I provided data analysis and architecture. Responsibilities included: architecting and applying enterprise data vision to business-specific projects, providing data analysis and modelling support for multiple projects, ensuring projects can be integrated into the enterprise data model; developing data warehouse support programs; providing DBA support for promoting project database from development into production. Involved with RFC's largest reengineering project and was directly responsible for its successful implementation.

Residential Funding Corporation, Systerm Architect (consultant)

Designed and developed RFC's first automatic loan approval system. Loan originators send borrower information to RFC electronically, loan is evaluated and priced, and results faxed back to originator within 2 minutes. Future versions of project interfaces with additional loan origination systems, automatically underwrites loan, and loads loan directly to RFC's main systems while still maintaining many of the original concepts. With public acceptance, the majority of loans RFC purchases will be handled this way.

Residential Funding Corporation, Enterprise Architect (consultant and employee)

Other responsibilities included: creating standards for C/C++ development; creating standards for data modelling; maintaining enterprise data model; providing data architecture support for numerous projects; creating enterprise components for application logging, address validation, and component management.

Wilson Learning Company, Application Architect (independent consultant)

For survey assessment, Wilson uses a scoring engine to transform raw data into useable results using business-defined calculations (called scoring). Originally residing on legacy Prime computer, scoring engine was ported to client-server platform with relational database backend. Responsibilities included: high-level design for rules-based scoring, database design and implementation, development of application and support utilities, testing, documentation, and conversion. Designed and developed reporting engine and legacy bridge programs and assisted with world-wide implementation. Continuation of this project significantly expanded Wilson's competitive advantage, leading to large, long-term business opportunities.

Residential Funding Corporation, Systerm Architect (CSC consultant)

System Architect on IS-reengineering project for national mortgage banking firm. The client completely changed IS to provide better customer suport and to quickly respond to competitive pressures. Responsibilities included: mentoring employees in new roles; defining and implementing new environment, standards, and procedures; testing integration of tools; implementing LAN administrative tools; and ensuring employees understood requirements of new environment.

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (3M), Senior Programmer/Analyst (CSC consultant)

Application provided standard interfacce for sending binary documents through existing E-mail systems. Designed and developed projects which validated parameters, transferred files between workstations and mainframes, managed system process, and logged status messages. Code is ANSI-C with OS-specific modules. Despite aggressive schedule, project was on time and on-budget. Application provided basis for company-wide document management system.

Pillsbury, Programmer/Analyst (CSC consultant)

Application managed process from receiving raw goods through packaging and shipping. Using RDBMS tools, developed screens for maintaining application data. Created library of C-functions for code reuse and maintainability. Designed and developed reports, batch processing programs, and Accounts Payable interfaces using SQL embedded in C. Redesigned and recoded programs for dsitributed data replication. Despite being consultant, became lead technical resource for team.

Racotek, Senior Programmer/Analyst (employee)

Racotek is a radio-network company, where third-party dispatching applications send pickup information to delivery trucks via radio. Designed and developed prototype for controlling radio network, which sends and receives job information from vehicles. Designed and developed host interface API to allow third-party appliocations to access radio network. Designed and developed vehicle applications to process data received from radio network on Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs).

Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Manager of Information Services (employee)

Responsible for administrative data processing system for Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Responsibilities included: maintaining hardware, software, and security to ensure data integrity; customizing reports for internal and external users; evaluating and implementing software changes; managing small staff. Created disaster-recovery plans. Designed and developed applications to track work-study awards and to track grant information for fund-raising purposes. Implemented data-entry standards to increase quality of data.