• Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Application Architecture
  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java2 Platform
  • Sun Certified Developer for the Java2 Platform
  • C/C++ Software Engineer
  • Windows NT
  • Relational Database Architecture
  • Oracle

Professional Objective

By providing superior application design and development, I want to enable my client to succeed in business.  By learning a business quickly, I apply that knowledge towards developing innovative and successful business solutions.  I am particularly interested in component development, using Java or C++, and have a lot of experience with WindowsNT and COM/DCOM/MTS.

There are some important characteristics I like in a job:

  1. Interesting Problems. Problems which require thought and insight are stimulating. Interesting problems usually require innovative solutions, and I want to find the correct solution to your problem.
  2. Challenging Environment. I want your projects to challenge me. Technical challenges are exciting, but only if that solves the business need; solving the business need is the most important challenge. Remember: there is NO honor in VB.©
  3. Productive. I expect my work to provide value and benefit to your business; if it doesn't, then neither of us will be happy.
  4. Pride. When we complete the project, I want to have a sense of pride and accomplishment, and I want to work with people who feel the same.

I am a consultant who makes the same effort you would expect from your employees, if not more. While outside resources often do not feel that need, a conscientious consultant would never do less that his best.